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Very Patient Support

nettigritty's support is available to troubleshoot at any time and is very patient with novice users. As compared to other webhosting services, their service is virtually uninterrupted and the website is very transparent in terms of pricing, plans & information, which is a rarity in this line of business. Keep up the great service!

Preeti Asher
Senior Manager - Marketing at Vati Consulting

Nettigritty´s customer service is laudable

Source: Zahid´s Blog - link here.

When one of my friends suggested the Bangalore-based as an efficient website hosting provider, I opted for it without raising my brows. And I haven´t regretted it since 2007.

The best happened only today. My friend had set me up on the self-hosted WordPress platform. When I was having trouble trying to manually update the WordPress version (I had version 2.6.1, which cannot be done automatically), I asked them for help. And they agreed to do it themselves even though that wasn´t their job.

They did it for this site and my other site ( without so much as a quibble. I was taken aback by their level of customer service and said so.

These are times when customer service is excellent only when you are about to sign up. After that, they don´t bother to address your issues. In such a scenario, Netti Gritty comes as a welcome relief. And yes, before I forget, their turnaround time is another remarkable feature. They are so prompt that you wonder if they are waiting to serve you even when you don´t need them. That´s the real mark of customer service: going beyond your calling.

Thank you, Netti Gritty! You make us all proud.

Zahid Javali

Website Resurrected!

Nettigritty has provided very timely support for the past three years for all the websites I have created. The way they have resurrected a website whose database got deleted by accident from a practically non existent backup is absolutely stupendous! I just dont have enough words to express my gratitude to their support team. Thank you Nettigritty!

Jaya J
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Thanks for the WONDERFUL service

I would like to thank for the wonderful service which NETTIGRITTY was doing for long years, I have hosted many websites in many hosting providers , but NETTIGRITTY was nothing like that. Your Service is extremely so super, I never expect the service which can be done within 2 mins. No one can be like NETTIGRITTY for support and service.


Efficient, immediate and accurate

Nettigritty has taken the onus of web hosting off DELOPT's hands. Delopt's site has been hosted on the Nettigritty servers and in the two years has never gone down even once. Efficient, immediate and accurate responses to trouble shooting. Totally recommend their team.

Yeshaswi Bharadwaj