Linux server NS33/NS34/CPANEL33 Migration


8:15PM - Data copy was completed and name servers have been pointed. If you are using external DNS, please update to the IP or contact us to assist with updating DNS by sharing access to your DNS Control Panel.


1PM - Migration is at 65% and we expect it to complete by the end of the day. If you are receiving an error with mail, you can follow our previous update for an immediate fix and use webmail at webmail.yourdomain (or yourdomain/webmail) or use mail.youdomain in Outlook, Apple Mail or any other external email clients. However, we would recommend allowing this to complete. It should work fine once host name DNS is updated.


9:00AM - Migration was started last night in the live/express transfer mode. We expect this to complete later today. In case you are using external name servers and start seeing a migrated page for your website, please update DNS to point the site to the new IP address

For mail connect issues while using (or ns34), for an immediate fix, you can replace server host name with yourdomainname or mail.yourdomainname. Alternately, and we recommend this, please allow a few hours and (or ns34) will start working without any changes once migration is complete.

In the interim, webmail can be accessed at yourdomain/webmail or webmail.yourdomain and similarly, cPanel can be accessed at yourdomain/cpanel or cpanel.yourdomain

-- Original Announcement --


*** This announcement applies only to clients with websites or services on Linux server NS33/NS34/CPANEL33 with existing IP addresses Please ignore if you do not have an active site or service on that server ***

Dear Customer,

The existing server NS33/NS34/CPANEL33 has been planned to be retired. Starting Friday night, 9th December 2022, we will be migrating all accounts from the old NS33/NS34/CPANEL33 Linux server to a new server to improve performance and reliability.

Migration will be started on Friday night to try and ensure that it is completed over the weekend to minimise impact on your website and emails. Services on the old server will be stopped after migration and DNS resolution. It will then subsequently be discontinued entirely, one week after the migration on 16th December 2022.

We will be changing name servers to point all domains to the new server after data is completely moved. This way, domains will continue working on the old server till they resolve to the new server. If you are using external or custom name servers, please update the IP in your DNS service to If you use * or * nameservers, changes will be made automatically for you. We recommend keeping file activity (FTP / File Manager/ Adding new files or making website modification) on your account at minimum during the migration starting Friday.

IMPORTANT: If you have custom nameservers based on your domain or if you are using external nameservers (not of the server), you will require to make IP address changes once accounts are copied to the new IP

Please feel free to create a ticket or email if you have any queries or need any assistance.

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