CPANEL40 - Service Outage - Monitoring


Update at 5pm:
Linux Server CPANEL40 stopped responding to network at around 3pm this afternoon. Our engineers have been at work continuously trying to fix this and bring the server back online. We have tried correcting and recreating the complete network settings, rebooted the server, changed the network port and also the changed network cables. However, server was still not responding.

At this time, we are proceeding to move the disks to completely new hardware. The engineers are removing the present server from rack, removing disks and moving them to completely new hardware.

Server is up now - we will be investigating the issue in detail and are continuing to monitor the server.

We are seeing similar packet loss again and are checking with the network provider as well now.

Server is up and responding now. This has been a network flooding attack targeted at this server. We are actively monitoring network usage and working with the network team on this.

12th August, 2020
Server saw a repeated network and brute force attack. cPanel and webmail have been restricted at this time as a result of the same. Please reach out to us if you are unable to access from a particular IP to assist with this.

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