WIN25 Server Issue


6am: Windows Server WIN25 host machine was having OS related issues affecting all services on that server. We are investigating the same.

8am: Unfortunately repair and recovery has resulted in databases rolling back to June in error. We are restoring from July 1st backups to a new server to be safe and avoid any further issues on the present server.

11am: Restore on the new server is at about 30% and will take several more hours to complete. We hope to have the new server fully functional and live by the end of the day.

12pm: Plesk and FTP access is restricted to prevent changes on the old server as this will not get copied to the new server.

4pm: Restore is progressing on the new server and is currently at about 50% - we are continuing to monitor the same.

9:30pm: Restore is progressing and is at about 75%


4am: Restore is at the last few accounts

5am: Old IP has been moved to the new server. Sites on the new server are being automatically re-configured to use the same IP.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and are actively working to overcome this issue as soon as possible. Requesting your understanding and patience as we work to complete this as lot of processes are machine dependent such as the backup/restore queue and Plesk recreation of all services, accounts and then restore of data. We are constantly monitoring the same and it is in progress.

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