WIN25 - Server Migration Completed


Update at 10AM on 18/2/2020
Services on the old server have been stopped at this time.

Update at 10AM on 17/2/2020
We have been receiving some reports of clients being unable to login to mailboxes. Plesk has automatically reset passwords for some mailboxes which were detected as having weak passwords. For mailboxes where Plesk alerted on this, we had directly notified customers. However, it appears to have done some without notification. Please login to Plesk to set a new password and retry with the new password. If you still see any errors, please do contact us with the exact error message to assist with the same.

Update at 1AM on 17/2/2020
Re-sync is finalizing. We have gone ahead and updated DNS to the new server at this time. If you are using external name servers, please update website IP to at the earliest. Services on the old server will completely be stopped post further verification.

Update at 9AM on 16/2/2020
Re-sync process is at 40% and at this rate, we expect it to complete by late tonight. We are actively monitoring the same.

Update at 7PM on 15/2/2020
First full copy has completed. We are starting a re-sync for databases and mail and will update DNS once this is done.

Update at 10:30AM on 15/2/2020
Account migration is in progress. FTP access on the old server will be restricted at 12PM today to prevent any further direct file changes to the old server.

Original Announcement
*** This announcement applies only to clients with websites or services on Windows server WIN25. We have made efforts to send this to you only if you have a site on WIN25. Please ignore if you do not have an active site on that server ***

The existing WIN25 server has been planned to be retired due to older versions. Starting Saturday, 15th February, we will begin migrating all accounts from the existing WIN25 server to a new Windows 2019 server with SQL 2019. We will try to complete this migration over the weekend so as to minimize impact as far as possible.

We will be changing nameservers to point all domains to the new server after data is completely moved. During the last phase of migration, services on the existing server will need to be stopped temporarily to try and ensure that no new data ends up going to the old server after migration. If you are using external or custom nameservers, you will need to replace the old server IP with If you use * or * nameservers, changes will be made automatically for you. We recommend keeping file activity (FTP / File Manager/ Adding new files or making website modification) on your account at minimum during the migration starting Friday.

We understand that this change in platform may affect some client websites using older technologies adversely and will work with them to troubleshoot any issues. All SQL databases connection strings that do not use localhost or in web.config or your script will need to be updated in place of the old SQL server IP (only in case you are using any of the old servers IPs in your connection string which is ideally not recommended). You will be able to connect to SQL remotely with the hostname once the migration is complete or your domain name itself once DNS has propagated to the new server at your end.

If you have custom nameservers based on your domain or if you are using external nameservers (not of the server), you will require to make IP changes once accounts are copied (new shared IP for websites will be

Further updates on progress of the migration be posted on this page.

We thank you for your understanding and patience as we complete this migration.

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