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Report Spam

November 29th, 2018

If you are still receiving spam, submitting the emails to the central nettigritty’s Antispam Cloud training system will, first of all, help to reduce the spam you’re seeing and it will allow us to retrieve detailed information on what may be causing your problems. Emails that did not pass our filtering systems, or that passed the filters because the sender/recipient was whitelisted are automatically excluded from the training systems.

Spampanel webinterface
A “Train Spam” button is present in the nettigritty’s Antispam Cloud Control Panel. You can upload a spam message on the page to train the anti-spam filter. It is a ‘drag ‘n’ drop’ feature, meaning you can save the Spam email to your system, then drag and drop the email into the “Train Spam” area.
You can also directly Upload the email in a .eml or .msg format.
Be Advised: Only emails that have been processed by the cluster you are reporting to are accepted. Currently only the .eml or .msg formats are supported.

Outlook add-on
For .msg format you can use the free “Outlook Email client add-on” to report spam which was not correctly blocked by our systems.

nettigritty’s Antispam Cloud provides email client add-ons to report Spam which was not correctly blocked to our central systems.

  • Addon for “Microsoft Outlook 32-bit”
  • Addon for “Microsoft Outlook 64-bit”
  • Since version 2010, Office is also available in 64 bits. If you have a 64-bits Windows installed, you probably also have Office in 64 bits. In order for the add-on to work, you should install the correct version that matches your Outlook version.

    For Outlook 2007 you have to use the 32 bits version.

    How to check your Office version

    First, open any Office application. For example; Excel 2010, (This will work in any other Office applications) Open the File menu, and then select Help.

    On the right side, you’ll see your version information as well as other information regarding the Office suite.

    How to install the addon

    The download consists of 2 files. A “setup.exe” and a installation “.msi” file. The setup.exe file is to be used if your workstation is missing any of the requirements needed to run the .msi file. This includes a copy of Net Framework 4 and relevant runtime files.
    If you get any errors about being a newer version of a dependacy installed on the workstation, simply run the .msi file directly.

  • Download the relevant .ZIP file according to your Office version.
  • Unzip the file to a temporary location
  • Proceed to run the extracted msi file. If you are using Microsoft Windows Vista or 7, then you should run the file with administrator priveledges. To do this, right click on the downloaded icon and choose ‘Run as Administrator’.
  • When you have reached Setup Wizard, click ‘Next’ on the first page.
  • If the installer complains of missing requirements, quit the installation and run the setup.exe file.
  • You will be then presented with the location you wish to install the program. The default settings here would be fine.
  • If you would like this addon to be available for your user account only, choose ‘Just for me’, otherwise click ‘For Everyone’ and then click next.
  • The ‘Disk Cost’ button shows you the disk space availability on the PC.
  • Click ‘Next’ on the following screen to proceed to confirm the installation.
  • Your addon will then proceed to install.
  • Once installed restart your Microsoft Outlook, and your addon will be visible in the ‘addins’ tab.
  • If you are unable to see the addon after installation, go to “options”, and then check to see if the “Report Spam” option is added as a COM. If not you can go to “COM Add-Ins” and check “ReportSpam” and click OK.

    To report spam, select the message that passed the filter that you wish to report, and then click the ‘Report Spam’ button.
    The message will then be reported and moved to the ‘Trash’ folder.

    Thunderbird add-on
    If you’re using Thunderbird you can also use the free “Mozilla Thunderbird client addon” to report spam.

    nettigritty’s Antispam Cloud provides email client add-ons to report Spam which was not correctly blocked to our central systems.

  • Addon for “Mozilla Thunderbird client”
  • This version is currently supported by Mozilla Thunderbird versions 3.0 and above.

    Steps to install:

  • Save the download to you local machine.
  • Open Thunderbird
  • Click “Tools” > “Addons”
  • Click the drop down box in the top left corner, and choose “Install addon from file”
  • Navigate to your downloaded nettigritty’s Antispam Cloud Thunderbird addon
  • Choose Ok.
  • Once the addon has been installed, restart Thunderbird.
  • Be Advised: If you are upgrading your installation, please remove the old installation being installing the new one.

    Steps to report a Spam Message:

    When you need to report a Spam message to our systems, do the following:

  • Select the message from the overview
  • Right click and choose “Report Spam”
  • The message will be reported to us, and moved directly to your trash folder.
  • Be Advised: For this to work, the emails must contain our headers as well as the standard email headers. If you are unsure, then you can see the headers by clicking “Ctrl + U” to view the source.
    What is needed to report the message is the following:

  • X-Filter-ID:
  • X-BRANDNAME-Class:
  • X-BRANDNAME-Evidence:
  • X-Recommended-Action:
  • MailApp Apple OSX
    To report spam to the nettigritty’s Antispam Cloud systems and databases please use the following tool.

  • Please make sure your is closed before installing the application

    How to install:

  • Proceed to download the .DMG file to your system.
  • Double click on the SpamReporterV3.1.dmg to mount the disk
  • Start the installation by double clicking on the .app file
  • Once the installer has finished, start up your mail client ( once again.
  • How to report Spam:

  • Select the message(s) you wish to submit (the message is now highlighted)
  • Click on the Mail menu at the top left of the screen
  • Select ‘Services’ from the list and choose ‘SpamReporter_v3’
  • Follow the On-Screen instructions for completion of submission.
  • Your message has now been submitted to our systems.
  • How to remove:

  • Close the program
  • Remove the folder ‘~/Library/Services/SpamReporter.workflow’
  • Email forward as attachment
    If your email client is not supported, it is possible to report spam by forwarding the spam email(s) as attachment to a special address . All messages attached in .eml, .msg, or winmail.dat format will be processed by this system. It’s also possible to report non spam via the same method using the following address