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Encryption TLS

November 29th, 2018

The nettigritty’s Antispam Cloud system fully supports incoming connections protected using TLS. Deliveries are always made over TLS when supported by the destination mailserver (opportunistic TLS). This way email is securely transmitted when possible.

If you want to enforce TLS, then this needs to be explicitly set. When you contact support for enforcing TLS, please provide the answer to the following questions. You need to use Yes / No answers

Incoming Filtering

Should TLS be enforced between the sender and the nettigritty’s Antispam Cloud servers?

  • For all senders
  • For all senders of a specific domain
  • For a single sender address
  • Should TLS be enforced between the nettigritty’s Antispam Cloud servers and the destination server(s)?
  • For all recipients of a specific domain
  • For one recipient of a specific domain