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    WIN31 Windows Server Migration
    October 21st, 2017
    Please note that the old server had Windows / SQL 2008 while the new one is Windows 2016 with SQL 2017. We do understand that this can require some minor reconfiguring in some application cases and will be happy to help as needed within the scope of our support. Please reach out to us if you are facing any issues.

    1:30PM DNS was pointed to the new server. If you are using external DNS, please update to the new IP immediately.

    12:30PM Migration was started last night and will complete shortly. Once copy is completed, DNS will be updated. New shared IP is

    -- Original Announcement --

    *** This announcement applies only to clients with websites or services on Windows server WIN31. Please ignore if you do not have an active site on that server ***

    Dear Customer,

    The existing server WIN31 has been planned to be retired. Starting Friday night, 21st October 2017, we will be migrating all accounts from the old WIN31 Windows server to a new server to improve performance and reliability. Migration will be started on Friday night to try and complete it over the weekend to minimize impact on your website and emails. Services on the old server will be stopped after migration and DNS resolution. It will then subsequently be discontinued entirely, on 25th October 2017.

    We will be changing name servers to point all domains to the new server after data is completely moved. This way, domains will continue working on the old server till they resolve to the new server with no account downtime. If you are using external or custom nameservers, please contact us regarding changes that will apply. If you use *.nettigritty.net or *.interactivedns.com nameservers, changes will be made automatically for you. We recommend keeping file activity (FTP / File Manager/ Adding new files or making website modification) on your account at minimum during the migration starting Friday.

    IMPORTANT: If you have custom nameservers based on your domain or if you are using external nameservers (not of the server), you will require to make IP address changes once accounts are copied. Please contact us or refer the support desk updates during migration for IP updates.

    Further updates to this migration will be posted at the support desk at http://support.nettigritty.com. Please feel free to create a ticket or email nettigritty@nettigritty.com if you have any queries or need any assistance.

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