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Domain Name Registration

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100% uptime through secure and reliable load balanced servers, premium spam and virus protection make eProMail the best email solution for your business. Let us help you migrate today!

SSD Cloud

The perfect step up from our shared hosting plans are our SSD Cloud instances. Available in multiple OS options with complete root/administrative access allows you to customize the server exactly as required and setup any applications.

Dedicated Servers

With servers in India, USA, Singapore & Europe, we have you covered. Take your business global and close to your customers on the most reliable hosting platform in the industry.

Customers Speak

Nettigritty´s customer service is laudable

Source: Zahid´s Blog - link here.

When one of my friends suggested the Bangalore-based Nettigritty.com as an efficient website hosting provider, I opted for it without raising my brows. And I haven´t regretted it since 2007.

The best happened only today. My friend had set me up on the self-hosted WordPress platform. When I was having trouble trying to manually update the WordPress version (I had version 2.6.1, which cannot be done automatically), I asked them for help. And they agreed to do it themselves even though that wasn´t their job.

They did it for this site and my other site (bollywoodviews.com) without so much as a quibble. I was taken aback by their level of customer service and said so.

These are times when customer service is excellent only when you are about to sign up. After that, they don´t bother to address your issues. In such a scenario, Netti Gritty comes as a welcome relief. And yes, before I forget, their turnaround time is another remarkable feature. They are so prompt that you wonder if they are waiting to serve you even when you don´t need them. That´s the real mark of customer service: going beyond your calling.

Thank you, Netti Gritty! You make us all proud.

Zahid Javali


SSD Cloud in Mumbai!


Hello Mumbai! We are excited to share that we now have fully managed Cloud instances available for you in Amchi Mumbai! Get started today at https://www.nettigritty.com/ssdcloud.php

These high performance SSD (solid-state drive) cloud server plans can be setup with a number of different Linux Distros such as CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora etc. You can also opt for a fully managed instance with cPanel or Plesk control panels. All the control panel setups come with CentOS Linux and cPanel (or Plesk) Control panel hosted on high performance SSD drives and are fully managed.