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Windows SSD Cloud Storage Boosted


Starting today, we are pleased to announce that our Windows SSD Cloud plans are receiving significant SSD storage increases at no additional cost. Offering more local SSD storage than ever before, our Windows SSD Cloud compute delivers even better value and continues to produce the high performance results you have come to expect from our standardized platform! Disk space has been increased as follows:

1x - 40GB -> 55GB SSD
2x - 60GB -> 80GB SSD
4x - 100GB -> 160GB SSD
6x - 200GB -> 320GB SSD
8x - 300GB -> 640GB SSD
16x - 400GB -> 1280GB SSD

These upgrades are available to existing customers as well - please contact us to resize your instance at a convenient time as this will involve a reboot of the instance.

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