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The 2.5X Disk Space Announcement

Following our recent announcement about free RAM upgrades on all our VPS plans, we are happy to now announce that, effective immediately, the allowed disk space limit on most of our shared and reseller hosting plans has been increased by up to 2.5 times at no additional charge to you and with no action required by you either. You will see the new limits reflecting in your control panel over the next few weeks if not set already. Allowed bandwidth limits have also been raised proportionately. All new accounts will be provisioned with the revised limits.

No upgrade for XS and W10: As our primary commitment to you remains providing quality web services, we have discontinued the sale of new accounts on the smallest Linux (XS) as well as Windows (W10) hosting plans going forward as we found these limiting in terms of business usability. If you are currently on the XS or W10 plans, you can continue to use it but will not be receiving the upgrade. You can also continue to renew these plans at previous prices for now but no upgrades will be provided to these plans and they will no longer be provided for new subscriptions. We recommend upgrading to one of the new plans soon.

Further, we have reduced the total number of plans to improve overall clarity and done away with setup fees on all shared and reseller hosting plans. As a part of this effort most of the plans have also been renamed doing away with the numerical references in the plan names which are now redundant. You will be automatically switched to the new plan names listed on our website.

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